This is Conservative?

The political platform of Grover Norquist



Promoting internet and other forms of gambling




Promoting legalization of addictive drugs


Encouraging the closure of Guantanamo Bay and the relocation of its detainees to the United States



Supporting the construction of the Ground Zero mosque

[7],0,6370958.story “This is a distraction from a winning game plan. It is very stupid, when Republicans are poised to win an overwhelming victory in November over Democratic spending, to focus attention on this issue.”


Endorsing a civilian trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City


Large cuts defense spending in time of war in order to reduce the deficit

[10] Letter to McConnell and Boehner



Immediately withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan and Iraq in order to reduce expenditures and without regard for the consequences


[14] “The Americans for Tax Reform president announced his plan to assemble a center-right coalition to to discuss pulling out of Afghanistan to save hundreds of billions of dollars.”



Open borders



Amnesty for illegal aliens




Repeal of the Patriot Act

[22] “A former lobbyist with the American Civil Liberties Union said privately that Norquist won her over when they joined forces to oppose the Bush administration’s Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping.”

[23] “He’s been even more outspoken about the Bush Justice Department’s all-out domestic anti-terror campaign, especially the Patriot Act, which he views as a potentially dangerous expansion of federal police power.”


Prohibition of the use of “secret evidence” against alleged terrorists

[25] “In 1998, Norquist and a former deputy to Alamoudi at the AMC co-founded the nonprofit Islamic Institute as part of a drive to win Muslim voters for Bush in 2000… Soon, the Islamic Institute, the AMC and Al-Arian were all working together on a top priority for American Muslims: an end to the use of classified intelligence to jail noncitizens as national-security threats… In October 2000, through the efforts of Norquist and Rove, Bush came out against secret evidence in a debate with Al Gore, and the AMC endorsed Bush for president.”

Promoting Muslim Brotherhood organizations and operatives

[26] *See list of Islamist associations at bottom



Some of these Muslim Brotherhood groups, like the Islamic Society of North America, espouse gun control.

All of whom support shariah – a supremacist program that justifies the destruction of Christian churches and parishioners, the murder of Jews, apostates, homosexuals and women who “dishonor” their families (by wearing make-up and “immodest” dress like bluejeans, dating non-Muslims, etc.) and – most importantly –

Shariah demands the replacement of our constitutional republic, which safeguards civil liberties and freedom, with a theocratic Islamic caliphate governing according to shariah, which abhors both.

This is Conservative?